Ethan spam (awesome t-shirt by chumcha)

My simcrush tbh
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Slightly early 300 followers gift <3 10 away but I did these tonight because I felt like CAS kind of has a distracting background. Here’s 9 plain colors I thought were pretty. You can only have one at a time.

So sorry I’ve been a tad MIA lately. There’ll be a huge spam session when TS4 actually releases, promise. Been super busy, haven’t really gotten to do anything CC wise. Images included, also threw in that blob remover thing because this is useless without it.


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Can I just say that I love to lurk on your blog (Not in a *really* creepy way e.e) and everything you create is superb? Like seriously, thank you so much for sharing your mastery of simming. <3 —Anonymous

omg wow thank you so much! this is so so nice omg 

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Montag :*

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You should make a sims 2 cc resource page! <3 —Anonymous

Like links to my favorite creators and my defaults and stuff? Sure! I definitely didn’t have anything too obscure though. You’d probably already have most of the things I have in your DL folder already :)

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Woooooo! sorted out the driver issues. Really loving the new card. Even though there’s no real visual difference, it’s so much faster and fluid.

This is Rudolph, her friends call her Rudo ;)

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everything runs like a dream, guys.

The drivers are killing me though…

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hi! First off thanks so much for all the awesome downloads :D I just have 1 question: I've downloaded the set of 'undies, socks, jacket and glasses' from you and put it into the 'Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo\Mods' folder and yet it's not showing up! I'm probably doing something wrong here but I'm wondering if there's something else I should be doing to get the stuff to show? Thank you :) —Anonymous

Are you sure it’s not? They’re just recolors so make sure you check all the colors available! Some of them have slightly misleading icons

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Search the hashtag #chumcha to download some of my favorite sims :)

Thanks so much to the 200 and something people following me, that’s quite a bit of people! :O Love you all. Let me know your Origin names and I’ll follow you lovely people :)

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Can you make some balmain inspired looks for Female Sims —uhhuhkardashians

for sure, some of it’s kind of intricate for the infantile state of CC making. But I can go for some of the more simplistic things! :)

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