Title: Share The Luv - Skyline Beach
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
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July 16thvia and source with 7 notes

Most people say they can’t make guy sims, I find it’s the opposite for me. I suck at making girls. They always look the same or really ugly. 

I’m learning a lot of little tricks though! Like, I’m a fan of low eyebrows and eyes that’re slightly close together. I thought they’d made it impossible but you just click on the eye whites in advanced detail mode and you can move them wherever! Just thought that was a random little thing people might miss :p

July 16th — and with 32 notes

Was able to go all digital with Sims 2. Cool. Looking forward to that combined digital version. I had to reformat and lost my installation, I’ve been too lazy to reinstall so that’s kind of why there’s been nothing on the TS2 front. But maybe that’ll change in a few days :D

Also It’ll totally give me some SP’s I don’t have and that’s cool.

July 16th — and with 3 notes

Playing with genetics.

So Erik’s a pretty attractive guy, right?

Well, his sisters….

His brothers though…. *wriggles eyebrows*
I totally saved them all for future use. I think the genetics system is a cool little trick for making sims a little different but still similar, it’ll definitely help me keep some difference between my sims. I always find myself using the same noses and stuff.

July 14th — and with 18 notes

Some of my favorite simblr’s have been following me :’) Super duper starstuck. I really wanna do one of those follower gift things, but I haven’t really been playing and I have no motivation to do so. I’ve got Sims 4 on the brain. I’ll definitely make you guys some stuff once TS4 modding is a thing! 

Just a new hunk and two snaps of me experimenting with whatever.
The future is really exciting with these new face presets. A lot of them have different textures and stuff, if we can get CC presets we could do some really interesting things. I’m hoping for some elf ears soon.

July 14th — and with 20 notes

My attempt at a sim that’s a bit of a bear…. ;*
He’s a pretty big geek. Really loves computers and his record and comics collection. Unless we can’t have a turntable or comics in sims 4.

July 12th — and with 30 notes

She’s definitely my favorite sim I’ve made so far. She’s so frickin cute.
I think I’ll probably play her first in September. Ugh. Time has totally slowed down since this demo came out.

July 12th — and with 19 notes

Does anyone here know if the TS4 demo saves any sims locally, and if so, where? I have a couple saved and I could throw them up here for anyone who wants them. But like. I can’t upload them to the gallery. Halp.

July 11th — and with 13 notes

here’s s’more…………..

July 11th — and with 47 notes

Played a little bit of Sims 1 the other day. Those frickin’ vermin would NOT leave my sims alone.

July 10th — and with 3 notes