Finally got Fry to age up. One was crying literally every minute, it was a terrifying experience and I never want to have three babies at once ever again. Even 2 is too much. I actually got a headache lol.

Fry’s cute tho

October 20th — and with 16 notes

Good god. Why did this have to happen to me. I’ve been a good boy.

Twins, named them Sonya and Sindel. Wondering when the fuck Fry is going to grow up.

October 20th — and with 31 notes

After a very late start, we’ve come a long way!

October 20th — and with 15 notes

With fork in hand the Billygoats welcomed their first child, Fry!

October 19th — and with 21 notes

you guys thought this was a legacy, but it’s actually just a story of a girl and her fork.

October 19th — and with 26 notes

With what program do you make your pictures so bright? —Anonymous

photoshop :) I either use eversims actions or I use Woohooligan’s actions

October 19th — and with 1 note

"WHAT?!?!? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" Alan’s response to finding out he’ll be a father in only a couple of days,

October 19th — and with 22 notes

Alan thought finally having walls around them was the perfect opportunity to ask Esther a little question ;) 

Is that wedding bells I hear, or a lullaby tune? 

October 19th — and with 19 notes

after a couple of much needed promotions… we have walls! Not many like those rich folk, but enough to have a roof over their heads! I was starting to get nervous they would never make it off of the dirt. 

October 19th — and with 20 notes

Days have passed, a garbage plant has spawned and Esther has begun to lose hope. Phoning up the sad hotline gave her a bit of a much needed boost :’)

No but really, the garbage plant is the star of this game. Wtf. I love it.

October 19th — and with 26 notes