Do you use sims 4 studio? —Anonymous

I used it for the freckles, only thing that would allow me to clone facial details.

September 18th — and with 2 notes

I love the freckles! Do you think you might consider making a darker version so they are easier to see? —Anonymous

hmm, maybe! I had a difficult time getting the colors to look right

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Hi! I adore the sim that you used in your longer hair mesh preview. I was wondering what eyes, freckles, skin and makeup you used on her? Thank you! —Anonymous

eyes are by me
skin is with these skin overlays
make up is difficult to figure out, the eyeshadow is something i found on a forum back when the demo was out I think, it doesn’t have a creator name. Pretty sure the lips are one of these

September 18th — and with 3 notes

Jessi’s water on our backs freckles converted to sims 4 :)

some of these are VERY subtle. I only noticed while editing these together that these really don’t show much at all. There’s a couple all over face freckles that’re a bit darker, but a lot of these are pretty light. I like small bits of freckles rather than all over.
These get their own CASP, they’re all combined in one as to not spam your face details :)

EDIT: omg forgot to put a download link >,<

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Annndddd it’s here! I couldn’t get it to have it’s own CASP, but it no longer replaces anything. It’s under the forehead wrinkle face detail :)
This is a bit of a 800+ followers gift, I guess! Thanks so much, that’s a lot of people! I remember when I only had like 40 haha. 
I recommend using mysimplesimblr's skin overlays with these, gives you more control over the color. Male texture is usable for males and females with little issue. Boobies will look a bit odd, but it's a tiger skin. So like. Odd already.

Credits etc. 
Pony for the fantastic original, this is just a conversion of this, Genensims, color magic, S4PE, EA of course. 


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Holy shit. I did it. 
Somehow I managed to fail at making a normal skin, yet managed to convert one of my favorite skins from sims 2.
But it replaces one of chisimi's skintones :/ for some reason I can't get anything to let me extract the wrinkles without either the program crashing or my game crashing :/ haaaaaalp

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my s4pe is giving error :( when put to save pops up "could not find the resource handler". you can help me?? —Anonymous

I’d recommend posting about it here

or on modthesims? I’ve never had that error :/

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Hi! Can you please tell what skintone or make up you used on sim from post 97492775888 to add shades on his cheek-bones and eye-pits? Thank you! —plush-cat :)

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One last question! SORRWWWII. But - on your crops, when you zoom in in-game, can you still kinda see the bumpy texture? —twerkfurcats

I think so :( I have no idea why that does that

September 15th — and with 2 notes

My attempt at a tutorial for exporting + editing + importing meshes etc. for TS4 :L

Warning: I’m far from professional at this, I’m relatively new as well. This is basically an amateurs guide to Sims 4 modding, although we’re all a bit amateur at the moment anyway :) It’s entirely possible I make things a little bit harder than they need to be, this is the way I personally edit shit. Okay here we go :3 

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