Wow, time has been flying by. I’ve barely had any energy/time to play, and when I did play I was too lazy to post. Thankfully I have the day off so here we go!

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Bernie’s first bath! He’s so fricking adorable.


And this is Mayor by chumcha, who I’m looking forward to unleashing on the ladies and/or gentlemen of my town ;-)

March 18thvia and with 12 notes

I was initially pretty confused as to why a knight was using my phone. The entertainment career track has the best costumes.

Bernie <333


Finally. Tumblr ate the original update of this, I’m thinking it was too big. But after a ton of rewriting, saving, and careful-handedness, it’s ready! Hope you guys like it <333333333

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I was finished with the entire update. Then tumblr crashed…………………………………………….


I’ll do this tomorrow. I’m far too annoyed and upset to even TRY and rewrite that. This episode is cursed, guys.

March 13th — and with 2 notes

Mayor only works out in style.

Note to self: Make sure fraps is running before you go ingame and think you’re taking pictures.

March 12th — and with 5 notes

Mayor picked up a job as a bartender, since finding a job in politics/military has so far proven fruitless. Very… curious to see a very preggers Pascal Curious wandering around.